This jewel of a region is something of a best kept secret in the German wine world and one we love shining a spotlight onto. Named after the river that softly rolls through the Hunsrück Hills toward Bingen on the Rhine, the Nahe Wine Region boasts vineyards and orchards that suddenly give way to sheer cliffs and intriguing rocky mounds.

Protected by the Hunsrück, the temperature is mild and coupled with abundant sunshine and low rainfall, a paradise for wine. A feature of the Nahe and something we always enjoy seeing first-hand is the huge range of soils. Whether volcanic, slate, clay, sandstone or limestone, they tell a fascinating geological tale and enable cultivation of a range of varietals and styles of wines.

The region encompasses 4,239 hectares featuring one district, seven collectives and 300 individual vineyards. Whites lead in the Nahe covering 76.2% of vineyards. Exquisite, light and spicy Riesling is the mainstay with floral Müller-Thurgau also making its mark. Earthy Silvaner, plus fresh Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are popular while Dornfelder and Spätburgunder produce balanced wines here.

Such an inviting landscape lends itself to outdoor activities with many being wine related. Hikers can enjoy the marvelous 100 km “Rhine-Nahe Wine Trail” in the Soonwald Nahe Nature Park. We have dipped in and out of this trail over the years and heartily recommended local cuisine and a glass of the aromatic, mineral rich wine afterward. Charming towns Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, Bad Kreuznach, and Bad Sobernheim host numerous wine events featuring live music and culinary delights that also go well with a sip or two of local wine!

The region is also renowned for its wellness offerings. Its towns are centers for spas and mud baths. Vinotherapy, beauty treatments using grape products, is also on the rise. Sounds good but while we cannot offer you that kind of therapy from Nahe, we can bring you the kind that comes in a glass with our range of the local best.