Survival of the fittest is the name of the game in the breath-taking Mittelrhein wine producing area. The steep slopes along the Rhine are incredibly difficult to cultivate but that has not stopped winemakers from the Roman age to the present-day craft exquisite wines from its sun-soaked clay and slate rich soils.

Stretching 65 kilometers between Bonn and Bingen, this fertile valley is called “the Rhine Gorge” and famed for its vineyard terraced slopes and dramatic medieval castles. So rich is this region in culture and history its southern area, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2002. Another remarkable feature of the Mittelrhein is the Bopparder Hamm the biggest contiguous vineyard in the Mittelrhein, spreading around the town of Boppard and covering five kilometers. Packed with the stuff of German legends like the Loreley rock and castle ruins, this region makes a magnificent backdrop for marvelous wines.

The area under vine amounts to 468 hectares over two districts, 11 collective sites and around 100 private plots. Riesling holds sway here covering about two-thirds of plantings and making the fine mineral wines with glittering acidity that we enjoy so much. Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are also cultivated while Spätburgunder is the leading red.

Creating quality wines from such difficult terrain is a challenge but vintners have found a way, taking advantage of all that nature has offered them. They go for low yield production in order to get the best grapes for the best wines and the heat and light reflected from the Rhine keep the grapes growing to perfection, as they have for thousands of years.

Mittelrhein is dripping with charming towns and villages rich in history and wine culture. Wine shops and taverns abound in their winding alleys making getting lost a pleasure – and we speak from experience! Leading wine-growing city Koblenz is another highlight as are the fascinating St. Goar, and Oberwesel, and the old wine trade town of Bacaharach.

The touring destinations are numerous. In the heart of this unique river landscape is Koblenz, one of the largest wine-growing cities. St. Goar, Boppard and Oberwesel, with its almost completely preserved city wall, are also highlights as is the picturesque old wine trade center of Bacharach.

Spring is the time for new vintage release at the Weinfrühling (spring wine) festival. Fall ushers in the WeinforumMittelrhein where you can sample award-winning wines from the region.
Like other small regions, the vast majority of wine produced in Mittelrhein is consumed locally. With our Mittelrhein range we are happy to turn you into a local wherever you are in the world!