Inspiring Bubbles for Celebrations!

If you’re stocking up on sparkling wine for the upcoming festivities and need some inspiration, check out the winners of the Gourmetwelten German sparkling wine competition held in Berlin. Brut, Blanc de Blancs, or Rosé, there’s plenty of German bubbly to enjoy over the holidays!

The History of Gluhwein

‘Tis the season to make spicy, red, warming gluhwein! You may not be able to visit a festive German market this year, but you can always enjoy a cheering mug of this traditional holiday drink. While you’re it, why not learn about the fascinating tale of gluhwein?

Modern German Winemaking in a Nutshell!

Why is Riesling a firm favorite with German winemakers? What do Müller-Thurgau, Spätburgunder, and Silvaner have to offer? What are the best food pairings for German wine? Get a sommelier’s snap-shot of modern German winemaking in the holiday season.

Nahe Winery in Suckling 2021 Top Ten

Congrats to Dönnhoff for being one of James Sucklings 2021 top 100 wines. The winery received a 100pt score and ranked a super impressive third place with its 2020 Riesling Nahe Hermannshöhle GG. Judges described it as having “…ravishing, peachy fruit and… compelling, salty finish…”. Cheers!

Plastic Wine Glasses Aren’t What They Used To Be

Would you drink your Riesling or Sekt out of a plastic glass? If the thought makes you shudder, this top-quality plastic stemware may make you think again!

German Wine Joins UNESCO Cultural Heritage List

After a two-year journey, German wine culture has been awarded its certificate for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. In an official certificate award ceremony that took place in Düsseldorf on November 18th, German viniculture was recognized alongside 19 other forms of cultural expression for its contribution. Unlike tangible heritage which is about architecture and physical sites, recognition is for people and their skills. It’s just one more reason to enjoy a glass of German wine!

It’s Not Too Early to Plan Next Year’s Getaway!

Dreaming of your next wine vacation? Rhineland-Palatinate has it all – world-class wine, historic towns, and breath-taking scenery. The Ancient Romans knew what they were doing when they brought their vines to this stunning area!

Delicious German Wines for Thanksgiving

Do you have your Thanksgiving menu ready but wondering what wine will be the perfect complement for your dishes? There’s a range of German reds and whites that are just the thing!

Die Weinwanderung

Something that’s beautiful about German words is how they describe exactly what they mean. Take the word “Die Weinwanderung”. It translates as something like “wine hiking” – and that’s exactly what wine lovers are doing these days across Germany’s wine regions in a quest for the perfect glass! You don’t have to go as far for a fine bottle of German wine. Just check out our store!

German Wine: Drink or Hold?

Germany’s cool climate means wines with high acidity which, in turn, means you can lay that Riesling and Spätburgunder down for a while to let its flavors unfurl. In fact, quality German wines are some of the most ageable in the world! If you’re looking to build up your cellar, check out what Germany has to offer across its reds and whites.

Ahr Harvest After Summer Floods

Ahr, one of Germany’s premium winemaking regions is in the middle of harvest following a summer that saw devastating floods. Yields are down but spirits are high as the local community rallies for picking season.

Prost Every Moment

German Riesling produces everything from dry Trocken styles to luscious Trockenbeerenauslese with sparkling Sekt also a feature of this fine grape. In celebration, ‘Prost Every Moment’ is underway with Wine Enthusiast’s ’40 Under 40’ winners sharing what Riesling means to them – and the best food to pair it with!

Best New Jersey Restaurants for All Tastes

In the mood for modern-French dishes or carvery cuisine? A chic atmosphere or counter-top dining? Japanese fusion, Italian, Indian, homegrown and much more, New Jersey isn’t called the Garden State for nothing – as this “Best 30 Restaurant” list of the year shows. Cheers!

Who Has the Best Wine List in Germany?

The “GERMAN WINE LIST AWARD 2021” is looking for the best restaurant wine lists in Germany. It’s about the breadth and depth of the wine selection, how “on the pulse” it is, and how well it represents past classic vintages. The top criterion though is, of course, how well the wine list goes with the menu!

TikTok Wine Influencers Opening Doors to Generation Z

We love Instagram for all things wine but does the video app TikTok also have something to offer? More than being a platform for silly videos, TikTok is fast becoming a hub for wine brands and serious influencers who are breaking down barriers to wine consumption – especially for millennials and Gen Z!