The TraiserBastei is one of the most spectacular vineyards in the world! Like an amphitheater, the gigantic Rotenfels towers over the tiny stage – a few narrow-terraced vines – on which only Riesling can play the starring role. At just 1.8 hectares, it is one of the smallest GG vineyards in Germany. The vines are rooted deep in the volcanic rhyolite debris that has crumbled off the more than 200-meter-high rock massif over thousands of years. The rock face – the highest north of the Alps – forms an enormous heat reservoir that protects the vines. Anyone who as seen the Rotenfels glowing in the evening light, can well imagine what the wines of this unique location sing about. Bottles of the Bastei GG, with their stunning minerality, are very rare.

As a late release, the Bastei GG is allowed to remain in the barrel on the lees for two years before it is bottled and sold. We own one hectare of this exceptional location, which means that the Bastei GG is always strictly limited and sells out quickly.

Wine Facts

  • 12.5%
  • Dry