The Rotenberg vineyard is located inAltenbamberg, in the Alsenz valley, a side valley of the Nahe. It is the highest of our 7 different Grosse Lage locations at 250-350 meters above sea level and the most remote vineyard of Gut Hermannsberg. It is like a lost world whose southern slopes tower over untouched forests and meadows. The reddish color of its volcanic rhyolite soils indicates the high iron content and gives it its name. The resultant unusual mineral content of the wines makes the Rotenberg taste enormously exciting and spicy. Our highest and steepest site is constantly swept by winds that provide an almost supernatural freshness.

A cool tension and freshness are characteristic of the Rotenberg VDPGG.The aroma is reminiscent of juicy stone fruit, wild herbs, and tangerine peel.The interplay of complex aromas, together with a refreshing acid structure, gives the wine an animating and intense drinking experience, while profound minerality and subtle phenolics ensure complexity. A young wine with a very long finish and great aging potential.

Wine Facts

  • 12.55%
  • Dry