2020 Traiser Bastei Riesling GG Late-release

It is one of the most spectacular vineyards in the world. Like an amphitheater, the red rock encloses a small stage on which only the Riesling brings such impressive results. Out of our 7 vineyards, our “Bastei” vineyard is our warmest where ancient vines grow, and their roots reach deep into the hard rhyolite rock. A wine can hardly taste as mineral as the “Bastei GG”. Flint and herbal aromas give this wine its incredible complexity. It has a great tension and at the same time an embracing warmth of ripe fruity aromas. Like a firework, not overburdened but sublime. This will be an extremely great wine in 10, or better said in 15 years. Nonetheless, it is already a brilliant Riesling.

We recommend Filet Wellington with beans, bacon and potato gratin. Also, savory jus or roasted dishes work very well with our “Bastei Riesling GG”.

Origin: This vineyard lies in front of the highest rock face north of the alps. The vines root deep into the rhyolite rock and are surrounded by cooling winds. The Rotenfels-massif and its huge heat reservoir support the vines. The temperature is usually extremely hot during the day but drops quickly at night. This results in a spectacular wine from a spectacular vineyard.

Wine Facts

  • Riesling
  • Dry
  • Traiser Bastei
  • South
  • Steep Slope
  • Ryolite
  • 0.75Ltr
  • 7.2g/l
  • 1.9g/l
  • 12.5%
  • 8-12°C
  • Now-2040