2019 Kirchenstück Spätburgunder

The Kirchenstück is our flagship in Hohen-Sülzen. It is a very old vineyard, which is already mentioned in documents before the 30-year war. Its original name was Griebelsteyn-and this vociferous name is very apt. Kirchenstück consists of soft, limestone stones and daytime temperatures are always a little higher than in our locations in Mölsheim or Nieder-Flörsheim. Hohen-Sülzen lies in the Eisbach Valley where, as the name suggests, the cold stream, which originates in the Donnersberg massif, exerts a considerable influence with cooler nights. As a result, despite the high grape ripeness, the wines retain their freshness, elegance, and acidity. This Spätburgunder comes from our oldest Pinot Noir vines. The yields are extremely low and the chalky underfloor brings a wonderfully cool freshness to the wine. The dark fruit aromas of currant and black cherry are restrained. In the mouth, the wine remains dark and spicy, and minerality dominates. This Spätburgunder matured in one-year-old barrels from Burgundy for almost two years.

Wine Facts

  • Pinot Noir
  • Dry
  • Kirchenstück
  • South
  • Soft Elevation, 15% gradient
  • Limestone, Loamy Loess
  • 0.75Ltr
  • 5.7g/l
  • 0.3g/l
  • 13.5%
  • 17-19°C
  • Now-2045