2015 Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling GG Reserve

Thousands of hours of work were needed at the beginning of the 20th century to transform a former copper mine and rugged rocky terrain into an imposing vineyard and the view of the mighty terraces of the copper mine is unforgettable! This enormous feat of engineering and the great depth of the wines that grow here are awe-inspiring. The floors of this legendary southern exposure consist of volcanic melaphyre and give the wines a smoky note and warm spice. The Kupfergrube GG Reserve tastes as sublime as this skyward striving steep slope! The terraces of the legendary Kupfergrube site rise up in a purely south-facing direction. The Kupfergrube GG Reserve is a wine with power and depth. It does not bang on the table to draw attention to its impressive mineral presence, but slowly draws anyone who is open to it into the depths.

The well-known wine merchant and critic Heiner Lobenberg says about the 2016 Kupfergrube GG Reserve: “…the acidity is concise but not hard, it guides the wine. I think in the long run this dryness, which the wine usually has, is a guarantee for the high class of this wine. It is unembellished. One of the great Rieslings from the Nahe and with uncanny reliability. 100/100.”

Wine Facts

  • Riesling
  • Dry
  • Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube
  • South
  • Steep Slope
  • Clay Slate, Loess, Melaphyre
  • 0.75Ltr
  • 8.1g/l
  • 5.3g/l
  • 12%
  • 8-12°C
  • Now-2040